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linguine with garlic and oil better known as aglio e olio

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Aglio e Olio Served

There’s something incredibly extravagant about the beginning of a new year. Every 365 days you get to start over. I realize you could actually reset at any moment of the year but the notion of the planet doing it with you is remarkable. All those lofty resolutions being sent into the stratosphere. Some making it to heaven, others falling like boulders in a rock slide.

I sent a few up. Hopefully, they dodge the falling stones. Of course, I’m well aware my chances for success rest solely on my shoulders but I wouldn’t refuse a little celestial assistance!

First things first… surviving this miserable winter.

Mis en Place

Aglio e Olio garlic and oil is a staple in our house. I can have it on the table in the time it takes me to boil the pasta. Occasionally, I’ve ordered it when we’ve been out but rarely to much satisfaction. The simplicity of…

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